The Female Solution: Are Religions Blaming Women For Male Sexual Misconduct?


In many religions there are warnings to women to not be alone with men, to guard themselves against the advances of men by dressing modestly, even to stay in their homes as opposed to coming outside to get education or conduct business in the company of men. And yet despite restrictions imposed on women, sexual harassment, even sexual assault around the world has not ceased. In fact, it seems to have increased or at least it is more readily exposed. Where are the teachings in any scriptures that simply tell men not to rape women? We have populations of intensely religious people, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, all kinds of faiths, including many traditional African religions, and somehow the core teachings of Unity, Onenes and love for all living creatures as coming from our Creator get perverted into doctrines of hostility toward and repression of women. Historically, any attempts by women to address their inequality have been met with resistence from men, who point to religious scriptures as reasons to maintain unfair treatment of women.  Have the words of Divine revelation been tampered with in all religions, so that all reflect a biased sexism?   What is in the hearts of men that causes this phenomenon to persist? How do we create cultures where all human beings are held of respect and right treatment of all people?

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