The Female Solution: Are Male/Female Relationships Like Predator/Prey?


Historically relationship between men and women has, in many cultures, been very unloving toward women. Some men reduced women to mere sex objects to conquer for a moment of pleasure only to later discard them. Other men married the women in their lives,, but looked at marriage as the purchase of a female to fulfill physical needs on a regular basis and provide cooking and cleaning duties.  How do we correct the Predator/Prey, Master/Servant relationship between men and women so that the relationships in the future can be healthy, wholesome, and fair. Men have often promoted the idea that the male sex drive is uncontrollable, and if a woman is sexually assaulted, it is because she displayed her “beauty” and the man was unable to stop himself. Yet, in the past men have done everything to control the sex drive in women from breaking their feet so they couldn’t walk, such as done in China, to cutting off the sensitive part of thir genitals, as is being done in parts of East Africa. How do we reconstruct the relationship between men and women so that future marriages are based on mutual respect, honor, and dignity of both parties?

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