Evolution of Revolutionary Thought and Created Purpose


We welcome you this morning, to The Study Sessions of the addresses and lectures oh Imam Warith Deen Mohammed(ra).We shall play part 2 of the address,intitled,Muslim progress in many different communities.Last saturday we reviewed part1.which was very rewarding and enlightening.At the conclusion of part2,we shall open the phone lines and share with each other,the various beneficial points of wisdom,knowledge direction and your insights gleaned from the content of this valuable address.        Quran:S.CIII.With Allahs name most merciful benefactor,merciful redeemer.By the token of time,through the ages,Verily man is in loss.Except those that demonstrate FAITH and practice good deeds,and JOIN TOGETHER in the MUTUAL TEACHING of TRUTH and practice patience and consistancy thereat.    HOST:Karriem S,Hameed.

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