The Evolition of Revolutionary Thought and Created Purpose


We welcome you to The Evolution of Revolutionary Thought and Created Purpose.We have established a study group of the lectures and addresses of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed(ra). This morning we shall review a lecture intitled,Ramadan session 2001.The lecture is lenghthy,and we will break it up in incremental parts.We shall play half,and then open up the lines in order to share with each other the various beneficial points of interest,knowledge wisdom,insights,and direction contained in the lecture.We encourage maximum participation.  Bismillah Ar Rahman Ir Rahim. By (the Token of)Time(through the Ages,Verily Man is in loss,Except such as have Faith,And do righteous deeds,And(join together)In the mutual teaching Of Truth,And of Patience Constancy……Quran.Sura CIII. Surely Allah Reveals Reality.

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