The Bilal in America Project – Money Sense – A New Day For Al Islam in America


The Bilal in America Project w/ Zayd Khan; Money Sense w/ Imam Adam Beyah; A New Day for Al Islam in America w/ Imam Yusf Ramadan

Call in number: 515 605 9891

1st Hour:  Brother Zayd Khan shares important information on the best business practices;  The best way of entering into contracts and how to contract products and yourself, from start to finish. Be first a Servant to The Creator when presenting self as a service.

2nd Hour:  Imam Adam Beyah offers common sense thinking and practices when earning, spending, saving and investing monies.  Be thoughtful and Conscientious!

3rd Hour:  Imam Yusuf Ramadan shares the safety net practices information needed no matter what country you may live in.  Use good Self Control and Be Alert!

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