Spotlight on CWSC Scholarship Recipient Najah Mateen…

2015 WMP Winner Najah Mateen

With Allah’s Name, the Merciful Benefactor, the Merciful Redeemer

“…O my Lord! advance me in knowledge.” Al-Qu’ran, 20:114

“Whoever seeks a way to acquire knowledge Allah will make easy his way to Paradise.”—Prophet Muhammed (S)

“Education is the greatest tool for advancing the society.” We do want to advance our society, don’t we? Are you a part of a society or are you just a part of a Masjid?”―Imam W. Deen Mohammed (RA)

A Muslimah’s Academic & Leadership Excellence

August 9, 2015

Contact: Rashad Shahid

NATIONAL ― Community Wide Shuraa Conference, Inc. (CWSC) congratulates Najah Mateen, the 2015 recipient of the Words Make People (WMP) Leadership and Community Service Scholarship Award. The WMP Award is a national scholarship established in honor of American Muslim leader, humanitarian, and religious scholar, the late Honorable Imam Dr. W. Deen Mohammed.  Imam Mohammed inherited the struggle for dignity and economic justice through the African American saga and Islamic influence woven into the history of American Blacks both before and after slavery. He led millions of Americans to true Islam, dispelling false notions of race and religion to make his Community a new world leader for the proper understanding and practice of Al-Islam.

CWSC 2015 Scholarship Recipient


Part of the Imam’s legacy was his ability to inspire through the power of the written and spoken word; he stressed the important role that language and words whether in Scripture, higher education, or common communication, play in shaping critical thought and subsequent social, cultural, political, intellectual and moral expression. The Scholarship, open to college-bound graduating high school seniors, graduate and undergraduate college students in any major of all faiths, is merit-based with the goals of helping a student afford college, encourage excellence in education and community service and advance an American legacy of leadership. Applicants must have demonstrated interest in the power of written communication and appreciation for the historical or contemporary effect of written communication on people at a local, national or global level.

This year’s recipient typifies the faith-based scholarship, leadership, and character excellence the WMP Scholarship seeks to recognize, support, and inspire in our future leaders. Najah Mateen is a college-bound 2015 honor graduate of the American School, Lansing, Illinois. Graduating with a 3.6 GPA, Najah is the eldest of ten children and has been home-schooled most of her life; she is also a former student of Indianapolis’ Algebraic Institute for Human Excellence, where according to her 9th grade English teacher, Khadijah Siddeeq-Mohammed, she distinguished herself as a student leader who values the power of the written and spoken word…Click here for full press release, the award winning essay, and special broadcast interview with Najah Mateen!

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