Share Your Jumah w/Imam Karriem Hameed, Lectures of Imam W D Mohammed(ra)


Share Your Jumuah w/Imam Karriem Hameed followed  by the  informative and rehabilitative lectures of Imam W. D. Mohammed(ra)

The Jumuah is a time of the day, Friday, when all of humanity is busy with the ending “things to do” from earlier in the week and are winding down, but, one part of this creative atmosphere, THE LORD OF ALL SYSTEMS OF KNOWLEDGE has ordered that we,humanity, put aside a special dedicated time to be reminded of The One who created us all and also of our social responsibilities, Then, go back into the world of work and be mindful…….Jumah broadcast from the Yusuf Shah Islamic Center of Mt,Vernon,New York.  Tme;1;15pm.est.   12;15pm.cst.  and  10;15am.pst.  Khatib ;Imam Musa Abdul Ali.  #(347)360….

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