Committees work with CWSC governance, operations and administration personnel and are essential to helping CWSC effectively manage and continually improve its operations. Whether it’s developing and executing comprehensive funding programs or conducting internal audits and training, both standing and ad hoc committees are volunteers performing vital roles in helping CWSC not only sustain its operations, but perform at the highest level of excellence and accountability.

Committee Description

• Oversees CWSC’s publishing press and related intellectual activities to collect, preserve, promote, and disseminate ideas emerging from the CWSC Intelligentsia and Think Tank.

Works closely with teams to capture selected intellectual thought for publishing and encourage production of high quality briefings, reports, studies, books, on other print or electronic media.

• Establishes relationships with other publishing arms of think tanks and other institutional thought leaders.

• Working with finance to establish a publishing budget and funding.

• Obtains and protects copyrights and other CWSC intellectual marks and promotes the CWSC imprint.

• Issues the call for papers, publishes the guidelines for submission and administers the collection, evaluation and presentation of intellectual contributions to CWSC.

Actively encourage CWSC volunteers to publish more literary works.

• Compiles and maintains the recommended reading list of helpful publications as suggested by CWSC affiliated institutions and volunteers.


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