Pioneer Power Hour & Prayerful Journey of The Young Minds w/Imam Bilal Saleem


From Destruction and Obstruction to Instruction to Construction! Meet Imam Bilal Saleem, of Jacksonville, Florida.  Presenting true mentorship!!

You think PRISON or INCARCERATION can stop you from being a servant of The Almighty through honest work and the benefits galore for self and others,  THINK AGAIN!!

Don’t take life for granted.  The Creator of everything has given us, the human being the ability to have passions or strong appetites that can lead to very serious turns in our lives.  We find signs in creation that’s communicating to us to aid us, we either read the signs and go in the direction of control for the best outcome.

1st hour: Martha Nailah enters the thinking of the interpreters of al Qur’an.

2nd and 3rd hour: The Young Minds, Imani, Jabril, Isaiah and Yusuf Abdush Shakoor present readings of al Qur’an, Hadith, an educational portion of their choice and a personal update of their thoughts.

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