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OK so maybe March 9, 2020, you didn’t capture that perfect and glorious sunrise or sunset photo you wanted. But guess what, somebody else likely did.

So, we’re asking all CWSC Cruise Conferees to share with fellow cruisers their pics, photos, selfies, snapshots, videos, or whatever you call pictures (based on age–smile).

How? Well first take as many photos and videos as you can. Then send in your favorites for sharing in our national updates, websites and social media pages. Send them either in real time during the Cruise or after the Cruise via:


facebook at CWSC

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tweet us @CWShuraa

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That’s it! Enjoy a wonderful family, friends, and community cruise!


Photos are being taken at Pre-Cruise events and throughout the Cruise and it is not possible to edit out all images of cruisers. For photos and video we take or contributions received from others, CWSC has the right to publish such information with its broadcast network, in press releases, promotions, award announcements, websites, or any other print or media including broadcast media format, for all purposes, and the cruiser hereby releases and discharges CWSC from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with use of the cruiser’s image, likeness, or story information.

Tampa Cruise Events and The Cozumel Cruise

Be sure to check out Trip Tips and FAQs too.

For those arriving early, you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to extend your visit / vacation to the Sunshine State of Florida, the vacation capital of the world. The Gulf Coast City of Tampa in particular has so much to do as visitors from around the nation and world discover each year. Click here to learn more about the area and some of the attractions you can take advantage of before or after your Cruise.

Welcome to Tampa

We recommend you arrive at least a day early to make sure you don’t miss the ship, especially if you’re flying or taking another public transportation system. Be sure to check out Trip Tips and FAQs too.

If you’re arriving to the area early, you’ll have a wonderful chance to extend your vacation. The Gulf Coast City of Tampa in particular has so much to do as visitors from around the nation and world discover each year. Click here to learn more about the area and some of the attractions you can take advantage of before or after your Cruise.

CWSC with the help of local Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and Bahai communities, and local organizations, we’re planning an interfaith welcome & reception and an on the ground community outreach project to serve the needy. You’re invited! It’ll be a great way to do good and help remake the world! Here’s what’s happening…



Church of Scientology of Tampa 1300 East 8th Avenue Tampa FL 33605-3601 (813) 872-0722

Organization Representatives Attending

Honorable Rick Kriseman, Mayor, St Petersburg, Florida

Honorable Jane Castor, Mayor, Tampa, Florida

Rev. Martha Stilson, Church of Scientology of Tampa, Tampa, Florida

Rev. Russell Meyers, Executive Director, Florida Council of Churches

Rev. Dr. Doral Pulley, President, Interfaith Tampa Bay, Florida

Imam Abdul Karim Ali, Chair, Tampa Bay Area Muslim Association and Vice President Interfaith Tampa Bay, Florida

Abdul Salaam Hameed and Allene Gammage Ahmed, Florida Conference of Muslim Americans (FCMA)

Hasan Shibly, Executive Director, Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Florida

Deandra Bolden, Metropolitan Ministries, Tampa, Florida

Principal Gwen and Students, Arqam’s Academy of Masjid Sunnah, St. Petersburg, Florida

Basimah Shakir, Co-Chair, Anisa Womens Group, Clearwater, Florida

Ben Smet, Director, Open Partnership Education Network (OPEN), University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, Florida

Saad Rahmouni, Masjid Sunnah, St. Petersburg, Florida

Imam Askia Muhammad Aquil, Ministry of Imam Askia Muhammad Aquil, St. Petersburg, Florida

Keisha Prime, Performer/Musician/Instructor, Tampa Bay, Florida

Win Thompkins, Performer, Tampa Bay, Florida

Imam Dr. Talib M. Shareef, President Masjid Muhammad (The Nation’s Mosque), Washington, D.C.

Mukhtar Muhammad, Executive Director, Community Wide Shuraa Conference, Inc. (CWSC), Fayetteville, North Carolina

Look for your CWSC RSVP! Point of Contact: M. Nailah Abdullah (727) 906-1172 or Rev. Martha Stilson (813) 872-0722.



Metropolitan Ministries 2002 N. Florida Ave Tampa, FL 33602 813-209-1000

Coordinator: Deandra Bolden

CWSC volunteers will be joining volunteers at Metropolitan Ministries in helping to feed the poor, hungry and homeless in the Tampa Bay area. By advance registration only. Limited volunteer slots, so please look for RSVP and reply quickly.

With gratitude to the Tampa-St. Petersburg Faith Communities and Governmental Leaders and special mention of Tampa-St. Pete organizers and hosts Rev. Martha Stilson (Church of Scientology), Deandra Bolden (Metropolitan Ministries) and M. Nailah Abdullah (Community Wide Shuraa Conference and Tampa Bay Area Muslim Association)…Together we can remake the world. Limited volunteer slots available…look for RSVP and reply expeditiously!


CWSC Tampa Group Dinner…7 p.m.

Join us for dinner with the believers in Tampa…stay tuned for final arrangements

Group dinner in the area…location. TBD Look for CWSC RSVP! Point of Contact: M. Nailah Abdullah (727) 906-1172

Our March 5th – 9th Cozumel Cruise Itinerary is below. We’re looking forward to hosting you!


Thursday, March 5 – 9, 2020 Carnival Paradise

Departure port: Tampa, FL Port of call: Cozumel, Mexico. See also Pre-Cruise Tampa, Florida Events.

Carnival Cruise Itinerary CWSC352020


We broke the mold after we made this one. The final Fantasy class cruise ship ever created, Carnival Paradise is proof that there’s plenty of fun to be found long before you reach your dream destination.

While we’ve never stopped adding the latest and greatest features to the ship, this ship remains classic Carnival — fun-packed from bow to stern. With so much of it indoors, outdoors and everywhere in between, Carnival Paradise features great times in and near the water courtesy of hot tubs, pools and a WaterWorks waterpark featuring a giant spiraling slide and dual racing slides. For those who appreciate a good story, there’s Seuss at Sea with an interactive storytime and parade!

On the food front, aboard this ship there’s two of our top casual spots: Guy’s Burger Joint, featuring the goods from Guy Fieri, and BlueIguana Cantina, with authentic south-of-the-border taco/burrito goodness. Refreshments — and good times — abound. And a little closer to home (well, your vacation home), Carnival Paradise now features even more staterooms with a balcony. Feel that breeze!

Spend a vacation aboard Carnival Paradise, and you’ll find a little slice of cruise ship paradise at sea.


Photo shoots of some of Paradise’s Amenities & More (click to enlarge photo)

Carnival1 Carnival5 Carnival4 Carnival3 Carnival2

*All itineraries, times, ports, programming, performances, appearances and locations are subject to change without notice.