On Criminal Justice Reform


Committing a crime is an injury to self and society and can be an unrighteous act against one’s faith. How do we begin to effectively offer healing to victims while holding accountable and helping to heal the offender who may one day return to the community?

The U.S. has more people behind bars than any other country in the world…3 million+. Why? Is our penal system effective? Why or why not? Is prison for punishment or rehabilitation or both? Is our criminal justice system, start to finish, fair?

Violaters go away to a building filled with many metal bars inside and outside and the prison officials have to regulate the affairs of the violators. How does society determine when a violator has recognized the wrong, and is ready for forgiveness? Lots of questions…let’s dive into the discussion for answers.

Click here to read CWSC’s International Resolution on Global Drug Policy & Criminal Justice Reform.

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