NLAC: Bonds for intrafaith relationships

CWSC Invites 22 Leaders into Special Session to Preview New Online Directory

“Form alliances, firstly among yourselves…“What is hurting minority communities more than anything else is that we are not informed enough and we are not aware of what is going on. In order for a community of people that’s deficient or weak to get strong…they have to open communication lines, not so much with the outside community, but within themselves.” Imam W. Deen Mohammed (RA)

The National Leadership Advisory Council (NLAC) is a voluntary ad hoc conference hosted by the CWSC to help foster closer ties and mutually supportive relations among national sister institutions serving the same constituency. Because the CWSC is connected to a broad array of issues, persons and institutions through the Model Communities National Resource Directory, its broadcast subsidiary American Muslim 360 Radio Network and other intelligentsia components, leaders saw the necessity to form NLAC to help to deliberate with the requisite sensitivity and respect for communication and coordination with others also working for our model community vision.


   Imam Abdul Azeez     NLAC Director

With the facilitation and servant leadership of New York’s Imam Abdul Azeez, a directing officer for CWSC, NLAC will hold its second session this weekend to unveil the Model Communities National Resource Directory or MCNRD to national organizations that can help publicize and encourage the use of the tool by all institutions and individuals. Imam Azeez is known throughout the country as one committed to both intra-faith and interfaith relations; with his leadership and fellow support from leaders around the country, he has in a relatively short period of time, used his diplomatic talents to help bring leaders and organizations together. “We have to love one another and respect one another according to the ahab of our Prophet (S),” Imam Azeez exhorts. He stresses, “Before we can remake the world, let’s make our best efforts to connect with one another as brothers and sisters first, so we can have the best thinking and produce the best work.”

As an advisory council, NLAC will enable CWSC and leaders of other organizations to quickly confer on a CWSC agenda item that may lie wholly or in part under another organization’s functional interest.  When a matter presents that impacts the entire community’s welfare, whether it’s a significant benefit or emergent problem, CWSC will be able to expedite consultation with fellow national organizations through already established communication channels.  In these post 9-11 times, an incident anywhere could trigger the necessity for urgent shuraa among all national organizations to help protect our communities and the broader public.

Collaborating through the National Advisory Council with fellow leaders and organizations working for our community’s excellence is not only practical, but it is a hallmark of Islamic unity.

Among NLAC’s core goals…

• To know our organizational purposes and leaders on a more personal level.
• To know areas of overlap for purposes of information and expertise sharing, lessons learned, and best practices sharing.
• To create a “reliable” channel for emergency and periodic communication and consultation.
• To serve as consultative advisors for one another on critical matters that benefit or affect all communities.
• To consciously eliminate negative tensions, destructive competition, or adverse miscommunication in favor of collaborative relationships and goodwill.
• To help sooth and comfort the spirit of believers nationwide who desire to see unity, collaboration, mutual respect and support among national entities serving the same constituency.
• To reduce stress at the epigenetic level of the Community and improve the spirit and operating environment of our shared freedom space that will Insha Allah lead to greater vision, engagement of our group intellect, and more effective work.

The 22 organizations invited to the upcoming special session are all national in scope and connects in some way, every supporter of our Community across age, gender, geographical and other boundaries and include an emphasis on “Gen X” and “millennial” national leadership; they are: the American Coalition for Good Government; American Muslim 360; American Muslim Community Development Institute; Community Life Forward; Community Wide Shuraa Conference, Inc.; Detroit National Annual WDM Muslim Convention; Institute of Muslim American Studies; International League of Muslim Women; Institute of Muslim American Studies; Islam in America Movement; Mosque Cares; Muslim American Chamber of Commerce; Muslim American Chaplains Association; Muslim American Logic Institute; Muslim American Media Alliance; Muslim American Veterans Association; Muslim Journal; Muslim Women in Action; National Conveners of Imams; National Muslim Business Council; New Africa Students of Imam Mohammed; and YOU R A CREATOR,INC. | YRAC MOVEMENT ™