New Volunteer Letter of Introduction

The ability to leverage intellectual resources and distribute talent across geographical and institutional boundaries, and across the landscape of challenges and opportunities that face every community and institution—that’s what a national intelligentsia can do for us and for the world. To unleash and harness the full capacity inherent in the group intellect, we’ll have to make the connections not only inside Scripture, but we’ll also need to make the connections with one another—that’s the path of progress for CWSC! 

We know it may seem like you’re at the mouth of a fire hydrant when you first register with CWSC. There’s so much to learn about any new organization you’ll be working with, but especially for a multi-ethnic, multi-faith institution that breaks the mold and conventions. We believe CWSC is very unique in many ways in terms of how work is accomplished including how the group intellect is decentralized, yet integrated and the emphasis placed on personal responsibility for getting involved and making your best contribution in helping remake the world into a better place for all.

Click here to view, download, print, and share the CWSC Letter of Introduction. At one time, even our Executive Director was a beginning volunteer! So, give yourself time to learn the CWSC by perusing the website, reading the welcome materials you’ll receive via email, and asking questions anytime at Most of all, do become engaged as a volunteer in one of the CWSC intelligentsias because it’s the best way to learn about your national resource center…working together we can remake the world. P.S. In addition to sending us an email anytime, you can also leave a comment on our corporate line at (910) 317-0297.

Thank you & again, welcome aboard!

As-Salaam-Alaikum (Peace be with you).

The CWSC Team