Mai Ala Kulli Hai – UnCommon Conversation – Interfaith Engagement

Mennonite Tradition in the Reformation

1st hour: Imam Abdul Azeez Faith and responsibilities.

2nd hour: Safiyyah Baldwin presents conversations on various interesting topics in the young people world of thinking

3rd hour: Alexis Easton invites you to learn more about your and others’ faith traditions. This week marking the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s List of 95 that sparked the Protestant Reformation…A Review of the Mennonite Tradition with retired pastor from the Methodist tradition, Reverend Alexis Easton and her special guest Nathan Yoder, Executive Director West Coast Area Mennonite Central Committee.

The politics of human relations, including balancing individual freedoms and intellectual expression with institutional authority, may be the common experiential thread among very diverse faith traditions.

From anabaptists and peace churches to the split from Catholicism and modern efforts for Protestant-Catholic reconciliation, join a fascinating discussion. 

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