InterFaith Dialogue/The Power of Educating Our Own/Open Session-Book Reading


Imam Dr. Askia Muhammad asks for open minds as we journey religious history;education is a must to live and we must become authors telling the story of and for the many……

1st hour: InterFaith Dialogue-Imam Askia Muhammad speaks  of the days when man was on its legs and thought pattern like a animal and then was  enlightened by inspirational words but something happened along the way, the words were changed and or the interpretation and so we have, many years later, man returning to the animal level, needing to be borne again……

2nd hour: The Power of Educating Our Own-Quran Shakir, Principal of The Mohammed Schools insists and we all agree, there is power in education.  Use education as an avenue to bbe lifted out of the darkness into the light ….

3rd hour:  Let’s read about everythiing from a book, 1st the qur’an, the guiding light and then many authors tell the stories………..



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