Incoming Idea Evaluation Form

(For CWSC Internal Use Only).

Dear Leader: CWSC fulfills the important role of being a clearing house for ideas from any believer. The goal is to have the community thinking, communicating, and contributing through the critical process of shuraa. Only with the flow, evaluation and implementation of the best ideas can we hope to achieve the model community life.

While we cannot directly take on every concern, nor implement every idea, we are continually recruiting individual volunteers and building relationships with other organizations to increase our own internal capacity, and our networking and referral capacities to work with others on viable initiatives. Your help is needed to evaluate incoming ideas.

When a proposal arrives, we’ll email you notice of the Project ID, Title, Description, and Response Deadline along with a CWSC Idea Scoring Sheet. Complete the Scoring Sheet first. Then complete the form below to finish evaluating the idea.  Your evaluation will be combined with all other team and committee leaders’ inputs to help reach a final decision.  Thank you.

Important: Please submit your evaluation on or before the requested response deadline, so CWSC can provide a timely reply to the believer who contributed the idea.

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