Help for all via the national group intellect…a Townhall Discussion

National Townhall to Air Live December 8th


NATIONAL –  Mark your calendars now…this is your invite to tune in for the 5th and final CWSC National Townhall of the year! This Townhall will be devoted to educating institutions and individuals on two CWSC intelligentsia components  designed to provide free consulting support for nonprofits to assist them in solving problems, and improving internal operations and outreach to their communities. The Model Communities National Resource Directory (MCNRD) and Volunteer Human Resources Network (VHRN) will be front and center on Saturday, December 8, 2018 @ 10 a.m. EST. on

The planned discussion will include:

–Discussion with the recently appointed Directors of MCNRD and VHRN
–Examining what MCNRD and VHRN are and how they work.
–How and why both individuals and institutions can and should register in the group intellect as resources.

Share the news with your online and offline circles and begin sending in now your questions and comments at facebook, on twitter, email or leave a comment on our listener comment line at (901) 317-0297. 

Among the goals of the Townhall is to emerge from the conversation with more persons and organizations understanding how a national group intellect is now available to help everyone with their model community aspirations.

Join a distinguished panel including Dr. Baiza Muhammad (VHRN Director), Muslim Women in Action’s Depretha Hadee (MCNRD Director), Imam Abdul-Hakim (AM360 CEO) and Imam Karriem Hameed who will help us delve into the working infrastructure of a national faith-based intelligentsia serving communities nationwide only on American Muslim 360 at or (701) 719-4197…the place where your intellect is respected and your voice protected.