Healing & Harmony For Humankind – Tuesday 6/26/2018


Host Dr. Baiza R. Muhammad is thrilled to announce that “Falsehood Dressed in Truth,” the longest standing trick drama in American life, is now airing, concurrently, on am360.org to a worldwide audience every Tuesday 8:00am-10:00am (EST) for an unlimited period of time. Each broadcast will add a new revealing star packed production. TRUTH THE STAR. Falsehood the uncovered, exposed outcast. Every action oriented plot has interloping turns, keeping the audience a gasp; while moving meticulously toward a destination of Peace. The TRUTH stars put forth brilliantly magnificent peace productions as falsehood becomes totally blinded by its own violent deceptions. Alas! The magical 2-headed coin, heads peace, tails violence becomes a startling same-sided reflection of all that is good and peaceful for the whole of the human community. Don’t miss this mobilizing episode. JOIN THE TALK @ 515-605-9891 or LISTEN ONLY (online) AM360.org or dial 701-719-4197. Also listen to previous informative archived episodes.

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