Healing and Harmony for Humankind


Host Dr. Baiza R. Muhammad is thrilled to announce that “Falsehood Dressed in Truth,” the longest standing trick drama in American life, is now airing, concurrently, on am360.org to a worldwide audience every Tuesday 8:00am-10:00am (EST) for an unlimited period of time. Each broadcast will add a new revealing star packed production. TRUTH THE STAR. Falsehood the uncovered, exposed outcast. Every action oriented plot has interloping turns, keeping the audience a gasp; while moving meticulously toward a destination of Peace. The TRUTH stars put forth brilliantly magnificent peace productions as falsehood becomes totally blinded by its own violent deceptions. Alas! The magical 2-headed coin, heads peace, tails violence becomes a startling same-sided reflection of all that is good and peaceful for the whole of the human community. Don’t miss this mobilizing episode. JOIN THE TALK @ 515-605-9891 or LISTEN ONLY (online) AM360.org or dial 701-719-4197. Also listen to previous informative archived episodes.

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