Healing and Harmony For Humankind


Dr. Baiza R. Muhammad Host of Healing & Harmony For Humankind Tuesday 7/16/2019-8am-11am (EST) on AM360.org and dynamic monthly guest Dr. Camille Scott, DC, MWS discuss the ins and outs of the human anatomical makeup. Once again Time & Tales has had a hugely influential role in human evolution theories. Questions? (1) How do we humans see science in ourselves? (2) How are we to have a relationship with creation? (3) When do our human motion (action) begin? Listeners your thoughts. Don’t miss this broadcast. JOIN THE LIVE TALK-INVITE OTHERS. Connect at AM360.org and by phone at (701) 719-4197! Share comments at info@cwsc.us, tweet @CWShuraa. Visit AM360.org’s parent corporation Community Wide Shuraa Conference at cwsc.us, or leave a listener comment at (910) 317-0297.Also, listen to previous informative archived broadcasts.

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