The Hajj in the 21st Century


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The Hajj in the 21st Century w/ host Imam and Muttawif Hamin Dawan of Hajj Murshiddun. Stay tuned for the official premiere of the weekly program devoted to the 5th Pillar of Al-Islam. Hajj Mabrur wa Eid Mubarak!

Imam Dawan is a leader in the Atlanta Muslim Community, Atlanta Masjid and recognized nationally and even internationally as an expert Muttawiff, guiding believers on the Hajj.

You may be one of the pilgrims or know a pilgrim or hajji who made the Journey under the attentive guidance and care of Hajj Murshiddun’s team led by the late Al-Hajj Yusuf Wazeeruddin (R), Imam Dawan and Sister Zarinah Abdur Rahmaan—the Hajj Dream Team.

The fulfillment of an AM360 Program devoted exclusively to the Pillar of Hajj is a fulfillment of the vision of our brother and founder, Thomas Abdul-Salaam (R) and by Allah (SWT) will lead to more believers making the Journey of a Lifetime.

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