Hajj in the 21st Century – Parenting and Family Reconstruction – Not Just Talk

Life is Hajj

HAJJ In The 21st Century / Parenting & Family Reconstruction / NOT JUZ TALK!

1st hour:  Imam Hamin Dawan and his guest soon to be Co-Host, Zarinah Abdur-Rahman informs of how Hajj is one of the most exemplary pillars or actions of one believing in The One G-D;

2nd hour:  Mark Shahid – Host/Facilitator along with Co-Host/Facilitator Naimah Latif presents a Learning Lab which indicates that the human family must take knowledgeable steps into the right direction by making the right decisions when it comes to teaching our young.

3rd hour: Co – Hosts Mahasin Abdul Salaam & Michael Hameen declares “actions speak louder than the words we profess! on NOT JUZ TALK!!

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