Farewell to the People’s Champ

Janazah Services

Friday, June 10, 2016 at KFC Yum! Center, 1 Arena Plaza, Louisville, KY 40202 at 2 p.m. preceded by a 9 a.m. processional

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Join us for a Special Presentation
In Tribute to the Champ – A Special CWSC Roundtable
with host Mark Shahid
Monday, June 6, 2016 @ 8pm EST
(646) 716-4478

Join Mark and guests for a memorable conversation as we say farewell to Muhammad Ali and share as a group intellect what his life, passing and legacy mean for our community, nation and world.

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    May Allah SWT, Forgive Muhammad Ali his “human” faults and Grant him a high place in Jannah.Ameen. “..From the earth we come, and to the earth we shall return….” Our Brother, and for many of us, our Friend was truly more than just a world class athlete, but more importantly, Ali was a Global leader and an Ambassador of Dawah, distributing Qurans, Muhammad Speaks(now known as The Muslim Journal),- an international weekly news paper-, as well as distributing hundreds of Islamic books and pamphlets wherever his world travels would take him an oftentimes to world leaders. As a Statesman, he was a “Man of Peace”. He lost his boxing title by refusing to drafted during the Vietnam War. Ali championed initiatives to address many social, economic and political issues such as world peace, poverty, hunger, the environment, illiteracy etc..As a philanthropist, Ali donated millions of dollars to domestic and global causes. He always took time, when he could, to “talk to”, and “to be among” the “common people”, while signing autographs until he was tired. One of his greatest causes was championing, and urging Interfaih and Inter-Religious cooperation, dialog, and cultural exchanges among People-of-Faith, and, in particular, The Abrahamic Faith Communities, ie Judeo-Christian-Muslim relationships. Billions of people on every continent have been inspired and enlightened in some way by his “advocacy” , “activism”; his humor; his quick wit; his facial expressions while “poking fun”, while sharing his love “of”, and “for” The Human Family. . Ali LIVED his Faith. He LIVED The Holy Quran to the best of his ability. He was an “activist” to his”core” of heart. and soul. He loved all people regardless of ethnic origin or religion and “spoke truth to power” , Ali “never backed down” irregardless of the consequences. He loved his spiritual leaders and close confidants, ie the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, sons Imam Wallace D (aka) W D Mohammed and his Boxing Manager Herbert (aka) Jabbar Muhammad, Malcolm X (aka) El Hajj Malik Al Shabazz (May G-d’s Peace be upon them all) Minister Louis Farrakhan among others. At the top of all his credits, was his love of Allah as a “Servant” doing G-d’s Will. Muhammad Ali cherished and loved his family and Family Life. Serving Allah was his most important concern, and being an “asset” to his family, neighbors, and Humanity At-Large. He was a mortal man and never lost touch with his “Commonness”. or his “Humanness”. He loved “regular people” and treated all people the same, with love, kindness, and with much laughter and fun, whether they were rich, or poor, black or white. He was indeed a Humble Giant, The Champ’s “Spirit” will always be with us.. Let us embrace and cherish all the wonderful memories we can share of his physical life among us. Those closest to Ali , who truly knew him, and his “big” Heart, they know in their “hearts” and “souls” that Allah Will Say to Ali; “.. ENTER YOU MY PRESENCE, YES, . ENTER YOU, MY PARADISE (JANNAH)…” Ameen and Amen.
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