Evolution of Revolutionary Thought and Created Puepose.


We welcome you to the Study Group of the lectures and addresses of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed(ra).Todays study       session is part two of a ramadan lecture given in December,2000.The lecture is intitled,:Universality of Al Islam and Mohammed(pbh).At the conclusion we shall open the telephone lines and share with each other the various points of knowledge,wisdom and direction contained in the lecture.We suggest that we take notes through out the lecture,written or mental, that you wish to expound upon and share with the listening audience.THE PURPOSE IS TO EXTRACT AND SHARE AS MIUCH AS WE CAN WITH EACH OTHER. Quran Sura CIII. By(the Token of) Time(through the Ages),Verily Man is in loss,Except such as have Faith And do righteos deeds And (join together)in the mutual teaching Of truth and of Patience Consyancy.


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