Best of the Best – Healing and Harmony for Humankind


7-8:30am EST Encore Daneesah Dawan 2/21/2017 AD; 8:30-10am EST Host Dr. Baiza R. Muhammad is honored to broadcast ‘Healing & Harmony for Humankind’ on, the number ‘!’ Islamic rated station in the Nation. Join in our walk through history, our journey through life, and our contemplation and plans for the future. Every Tuesday Morning, and each month of the year is presented as an opportunity to move with the progress of time, consuming into our human being TRUTHS of the past and present. FREE to nourish our intellect, strengthen our bodies, and harmonize our spiritual well-being. Don’t miss the power of collective, reflective thought, and where you give positive solutions a voice. JOIN US @ 515-605-9891. INVITE OTHERS. Listen to previous informative archived episodes.

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