CWSC welcomes Joyce King

Dr. Joyce E. King Appointed Advisor for Establishing CWSC Office of International Relations

The CWSC welcomes Dr. Joyce E. King as a senior advisor to the CWSC Office of Executive Director, on International Relations.

DrJEKProfessor King is the Benjamin E. Mays Endowed Chair for Urban Teaching, Learning and Leadership and Professor of Educational Policy Studies in the College of Education at Georgia State University.

Previously, Dr. King held senior academic affairs positions as Provost at Spelman College, Associate Provost at Medgar Evers College, CUNY and Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Diversity Programs at the University of New Orleans. She was director of teacher education for twelve years at Santa Clara University and the first head of the Ethnic Studies Department at Mills College. She completed two prestigious leadership programs: the American Council on Education Fellowship at Stanford University with the President, the Vice President for Planning and Management, and the Office for Multicultural Development.

As a W.K. Kellogg National Fellowship recipient, King also studied women’s leadership and grassroots participation in social change in China, Brazil, France, Kenya, Japan, Mali and Peru.  Her international experience also includes teaching and providing professional development in Canada, England, Jamaica, New Zealand, and Senegal. Read her extended biographical information: Dr. Joyce King, CEHD and Author Dr. Joyce E. King.

CWSC’s executive director, Mukhtar Muhammad stated recently, we have to complement the Community’s intelligentsia with a minimum of four components to be in the best position to remake the world and they include a national think tank that publishes working and white papers on the major domestic and international issues of our times; a speakers bureau that can penetrate into the halls of of the “four birds” of influence in American Society, a national broadcasting network, and an office of international relations. Our prayers are being answered. If we believe words make people and people make change, and that we have something to say, then we have to do more to make sure our voices and our work reach the people here in America and abroad. We have to take our rightful seat at the table of national and international dialogue, and Dr. King’s advice will be invaluable in helping us achieve that.”

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