CWSC Roundtable Scheduling Request Form

The Friday CWSC On-Air Roundtable on American Muslim 360 (AM360) is sponsored by the Community Wide Shuraa Conference (CWSC). From panel discussions to guest interviews, the CWSC Roundtable is the place for constructive dialogue on the good things happening and on chronic issues we face, including dealing with the cultural barriers to operational excellence. CWSC Friday Roundtables are an opinion, viewpoints, and perspectives discussion. Roundtable views expressed by panelists or hosts are not necessarily the official position of the CWSC, Inc.

Roundtables air each Friday 8 – 10 am EST. Regular host is Mark Shahid. Click here to listen to a Roundtable Discussion. Check the CWSC Events Calendar for already reserved dates. Then complete the following request at least 3 weeks in advance of your requested date.

Note: You can also schedule an off-air roundtable or Learning Lab for possible pre-recorded broadcast later at AM360. Learning Labs are excellent for extended specialized sessions to help develop skills, technical knowledge, or other expertise for improving CWSC operations and administration or conveying other useful information to assist volunteers and institutions.  CWSC may approve your presentation for either an on-air or off-air format. For questions email

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Important information to use before, during and after your Roundtable: 

  1. You will receive a confirmation that your Roundtable has been scheduled within 48 hours if submitted during a business day and 72 hours otherwise.
  2. Please instruct your guests or panelists to call in three to five minutes early to AM360 Guest Appearance Line. Press 1 to enter the host cue and the executive producer will know they’re ready and he’ll welcome them to the “green room” and then next they’ll be welcomed on-air.
  3. CWSC will also send notice to you, your guests and panelists that your Roundtable is confirmed and provide them call-in information.
  4. Be sure to place the event in your smartphone and call in early the day of your event if you are hosting or participating.
  5. Do help promote your scheduled Roundtable on your social media pages and share with your connections via email. Be sure to use blind carbon (bcc) when sending a group email.
  6. If this is your first Roundtable, then please listen to the CWSC Roundtable archive before coming on air.
  7. Remember to email bios, headshots of yourself (if you’re participating), guests and panelists, and the ppt. template for your Roundtable to and share any other information or research with CWSC / AM360 that can facilitate the Roundtable.
  8. During the Roundtable (if you’re participating), do listen for the cue from the executive producer to pause for station identification and other brief announcements.
  9. Near the end of the Roundtable, be sure to allow sufficient time to thank guests, panelists, co-hosts, executive producer, etc.
  10. Send a “thank you” to your guests within 24 hours of the Roundtable’s conclusion.
  11. CWSC will also send a “thank you” to panelists and guests on behalf of CWSC and American Muslim 360.
  12. If you have questions, please email: 

Thank you for your request and for serving our community! 

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