CWSC Directing Officer Expenditure Confirmation

(For CWSC Internal Use Only).

Dear members of the Board of Directors and Accounting Department: This form is to be used by the Board of Directors for transmitting individual board member confirmation of an approved  expenditure of funds as determined by the majority vote of the Board of Directors. This form in the aggregate is also used by the Accounting Department to execute authorized expenditures.  The following procedures are promulgated to enhance financial accountability and expeditious processing of CWSC authorized  expenditures:

  1. Each approval for payment by the board will be assigned a project number and project title by the Corporate Secretary or in his or her absence the Executive Director or other assigned officer.
  2. The Secretary shall within 48 hours of approval of a payment, email the Notice of Approved Expenditure to Accounting, all directors and the CEO of AM360. The notice shall include the project number, project title, project amount, payee, and payee address and any other information needed to effect payment.
  3. Accounting shall reply immediately, but not later than 48 hours that the Notice of Approved Expenditure has been received.
  4. Each board member shall complete the form below immediately upon receiving the Secretary’s Notice of Approved Expenditure, but not later than 48 hours. If the expenditure is for reimbursement to a director for official and authorized expenses personally borne on behalf of CWSC, then the director shall either select the option “abstain,” or is not required to complete this form, but shall defer to his or her fellow directors for disposition.
  5. Information submitted from this form is automatically sent to:, all directing officers of the board, the AM360 CEO and Accounting, so parties can see one others’ submissions. You will also receive a copy of your own submission.
  6. Once Accounting has received a sufficient number of board members confirming an expenditure payment, Accounting shall proceed with payment immediately, but not later than seven (7) calendar days from the date a majority of directing officer confirmations have been received.
  7. Once the expense has been paid, Accounting shall notify the Secretary with a copy to that the expenditure has been made.
  8. Accommodations for board members with a disability that prevents them from acting as above, shall be made to allow a member to telephone in their confirmation to Accounting.   In such cases, if telephone confirmation is necessary for majority confirmation, and Accounting has not after a period of 48 hours received telephone notice from the board member, then Accounting shall email and the Secretary stating non-receipt of the board member’s confirmation. 
  9. The goal is to execute the board’s decisions with requisite accountability and within 14 days from the date of expenditure approval.
  10. The above procedures are promulgated for routine approvals of expenditures and may be modified in the event of an emergency.

IMPORTANT: Board members, after the board has met and approved an expenditure, and the Secretary has transmitted the  Notice of Approved Expenditure, then complete and submit this form to provide approved payment confirmation to fellow board members and Accounting.

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