CWSC Building the Community Life Seminar


On Mondays 9 a.m. EST, the weekly CWSC Seminar is hosted by CWSC’s Executive Director, Mukhtar Muhammad, and is part of the Learning Lab concept designed to help communities nationwide in the areas of leadership and its operational components including systems design, resource identification and management, organization, group decision-making, structure, accountability, and responsibility. Plus at 10 a.m. EST special recurring guest computer education specialist Fatih Ameen of New York presents Technology Today: How the new information age impacts the building of community life.

Principal references include Al-Qur’an, Hadith, Commentary of Imam Dr. W. Deen Mohammed (R), the CWSC Website, and the Genesis of New American Leadership text and blog. Mukhtar will host periodic special guests and invite you to participate live as well as provide comments at, tweet @Shuraa, facebook us or leave a comment on the CWSC listener comment line at (910) 317-0297. 

This episode is dedicated to the memory of the late American Muslim Pioneer Imam Cornelius Hazziez, a military veteran and member of the Jacksonville Masjid of Al-Islam in Jacksonville, Florida. He became Muslim in 1946. Born in Mississippi, he moved to Chicago, but was later personally sent to be minister in Jacksonville by the former leader of the Nation of Islam, Hon. Elijah Muhammad (R). He transitioned to Al-Islam under the leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed (R). – October 14, 2019.

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