Telethon Team Pause for the Cause Signup!

donatewithconfidenceThank you for helping to secure our intelligentsia financially by being a CWSC AM360 Radio-Telethon Team Member during the Pause for the Cause (infomercial) between regular programming.

As a host on American Muslim 360, you already know how important the work is we’re seeking to accomplish, and you’re a vital part of it.

When our brother Thomas Abdul Salaam (RA), the Twin Servant of Peace heard Imam Mohammed (RA) envision a working intelligentsia, he had the foresight to create the shared freedom space for pairing ideas coming from our group intellect, with the apparatus or infrastructure to connect believers anywhere in the country or even the world, to work for the realization of those ideas through CWSC.

His vision and service to our community, along with the encouragement and support of his wife, Dr. Aisha Kareem, are why we’re connected now across the breadth of our group intellect. And now we’ve got to continue forward with vision, leadership, faith and the financial resources to help fulfill the promise. Thank you.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please remain in the host cue during regular programming on mute until prompted by the host(s) to chime in and give your 3-4 minute appeal to support the CWSC and AM360. After the appeal, place your phone on mute again for regular programming, until prompting again by the hosts. Normal pause for the cause occurs about every 20 minutes or 3 pauses per hour. 

Please complete the form below to make your guest Pause-for-the-Cause appearance along with another CWSC AM360 Telethon Team member during the 3-4 minute break between regularly scheduled programming.

Click here to see the complete AM360 program listing.  Check the dates of the Telethon’s duration in the CWSC email sent to you. Once you have requested day and time and CWSC has confirmed, we’ll place your confirmation on the CWSC Events Calendar.

To request multiple pause-for-the-cause appearances on more than one program, just return to this form and resubmit.  Questions? Email us at

Thank you. We’ll confirm your guest appearance as soon as possible and place your time and day on the CWSC Events Calendar.

Helpful Tips

Please be sure to call into the program 2-3 minutes ahead of the scheduled time and press 1 to enter the host cue. Of course as a host yourself, you’re already familiar with this tip (smile).

The Telethon team members will remain in the host cue the entire time to make it easy to simply unmute and chime in seamlessly when the host(s) prompts them to give a pause for the cause. “See” you on air!