Current Openings


Learning Labs. Coordinates the scheduling, promotion, and continual process improvement for CWSC Learning Labs. Conducts periodic sessions to help presenters improve communication skills.

Radio Broadcast Engineering & Production. Works behind the scenes to support a 24-hour broadcasting network.

Live Radio Talk Show  Host. In front of the mic national presenter bringing quality programming to the audience and promoting the CWSC mission and vision.

Podcasting Manager. Manages worldwide distribution of AM360 Podcast. Coordinates with station and programming manager and CWSC webmaster to promote podcast via proprietary site using best SEO practices. Advises senior station management on latest broadcasting and podcasting technology and software.

Mass Communications / Journalism Interns. Multiple opportunities avail to break into broadcasting with real responsibility.

Programming Manager. Works as part of senior management team to administrate daily programming operations including host team development, quality assurance, and managing continuous improvement initiatives.


Information Technology Specialist. Responsible for helping CWSC understand and employ the latest technology for productivity and multi-tasking solutions in communications, data processing, networking and information management, website architecture and administration.

Social Media Specialist. Responsible for helping manage CWSC online presence via current and emerging social media platforms, i.e. facebook, twitter, instagram, google+, etc.

Webmaster. Maintenance of CWSC and other websites.

PUBLIC RELATIONS. Develops and maintains relations with media and other organizations in fulfilling CWSC’s mission and vision.


Events & Venue Planning. Professional event planners with experience in all aspects of national events planning, including local host team interfacing, event promotion, group benefits, site selection, negotiation and contracting.


Recruitment & Volunteering. Experience in developing strategic approaches to increase CWSC national talent pool. Helps develop leadership, management, operations and administrative support guidelines to welcome and assist new volunteers with orientation and assignment to an intelligentsia area.

Human Resource Management. Responsible for designing CWSC human resource programs supporting recruiting, ansar program, orientation, training and development, and administering the MCNRD Volunteer Resource Network.

Recognition & Awards. Responsible for designing individual and organizational awards to recognize contributions and achievers helping to fulfill the CWSC mission and model community excellence.

Ethics & Conflict Resolution: Mediation and Human Relations Specialists.


Administration: Persons with experience in administration and record keeping familiar with nonprofit board operations and corporate document preparation and management.


Corporate Sponsorship Programs: Responsible for designing corporate sponsorship program and marketing for CWSC broadcasting (AM360). Promotes AM360 and interfaces with business and other organizations to garner financial support for AM360.

Marketing: Non-profit focused marketing and promotion.

Purchasing & Contract Specialist: Negotiation and management of internal acquisition needs.


Professional Fundraising: Grant writing, professional fundraising and philanthropy specialists who can help integrate professional fundraising strategies including matching corporate and federal combined campaign matching program.


International Relations. Manage CWSC’s international outreach through building international relationships and instituting educational, diplomatic and cultural exchange initiatives and trade delegations and cultivating CWSC’s participation as an NGO with the United Nations.

Internships. Assists with recruiting, welcoming, assigning, evaluating CWSC interns and working to improve the internship experience.

Model Communities National Resource Directory (MCNRD) Analyst. Assists MCNRD Director responsible for interfacing with volunteers and organizations registered in the MCNRD to provide instruction, customer service and quality assurance in implementing and assessing the MCNRD and the resource network.

National Volunteer Human Resource Network (VHRN) Analyst. Assists VHRN Director who facilitates and improves the consulting connection process between a requesting organization and a volunteer consultant including developing evaluation process and customer service to the organization while ensuring the organization and consultants understand their obligations to one another. VHRN also administers CWSC MCNRD Non-profit Institution Grant Program.

National Leadership Advisory Council (NLAC). Assists the NLAC director with intra-faith relationship connections and operations.

National Think Tank Director. Responsible for leading the CWSC Think Tank and Clearing House operations including oversight for researching, publishing and presenting papers. Establishes relationships with other Think Tanks. Leads analysts in production of think tank output. 

Scholarships. Administrators for all CWSC Scholarships. Assists with review and selection of qualified applicants, promotes CWSC scholarship programs, interfaces with schools, applicants, and scholarship committee. Promotes historical preservation component, the establishment of new family and community supported scholarships and funding via estate planning.

Speakers Bureau Director. Leads and organizes the CWSC Speakers Bureau comprised of a national group intellect of presenters across a breadth and scope of disciplines.

Speakers Bureau. Administrative and operations team responsible for interfacing with speakers and requesting organizations, media, and other institutions. Develops procedures for quality assurance and feedback systems to continually improve bureau operations. Conducts periodic public speaker development sessions to enhance skills, share best practices and lessons learned. Formats and improves the speaker request form.  



Project Management. Project analysts with experience in long and short-term projects development and oversight…visionaries.

Please email letter of interest with resume/cv or call (910) 317-0297.

CWSC is a national faith-based nonprofit intelligentsia, think tank & volunteer resource network helping associated institutions and the historically disadvantaged communities they serve assess challenges, research solutions, and match skilled volunteers and resources to aid in community outreach and development projects across America. We’re looking too for your skill sets, talents, and training to join us in this work…together we can remake the world.

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