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Cruise Corporate Sponsorship & Advertising

The 20/20 CWSC AM360 Cruise to Cozumel offers a great opportunity to do good and promote your product, service, business or other institution while supporting our intelligentsia in the Cruise’s publications.

Take advantage of two advertising opportunities:

1. Remaking Our World Calendar 2020 National Intelligentsia Interfaith Cruise Edition. The 2020 edition of Remaking Our World celebrates the 2020 Cruise marking the 10th Anniversary of American Muslim 360 and is an international CWSC interfaith flagship publication highlighting the history of a national Community and its leadership legacy. This historic Commemorative Calendar is a 12-month odyssey taking the reader on an American and global journey via a concise, yet highly informative 36+ page narrative that brings America face to face with what Islam is and is not and what its presence means. For all Americans, Remaking Our World is a reminder of a great civic responsibility to the nation and global citizenship responsibility to the world. Thematic elements include Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Holy Days, biography, resources page, and analysis of one of the most intriguing chapters in American, Muslim, and world history.

Your business or nonprofit institution’s logo and information will grace Remaking Our World’s corporate sponsorship pages―take advantage of an opportunity to get your organization in a global publication with “eyes-on” year-round! Save when you advertise in both Remaking Our World Calendar and the 20/20 CWSC AM360 Paradise Cruise Booklet for Cruise Conferees’ daily use. Your sponsorship includes a complementary copy of this year’s AM360 10th Anniversary Edition Calendar shipped postage paid. Plus for fundraisers, Remaking our World comes with retail prices published for the U.S. and Canada.

2. Paradise Cruise Booklet. For Cruise Conferees, the Paradise Cruise Booklet will be the daily itinerary source for CWSC scheduled events aboard ship. From the official welcome letter to list of awardees, to all events including the Grand Gala, the Cruise Booklet will be an essential publication for CWSC Conferees aboard the Paradise. Get your logo and business or other institution information included and save when you combine your support in both the Cruise Booklet and Remaking Our World Calendar 2020 Special AM360 Tenth Anniversary Edition!

Enjoy savings when you advertise in both publications, plus receive a mention on air at as a double ad sponsor!

DEADLINE FOR ALL ADS: December 16, 2019, but don’t wait…space is limited! Act today and get your ad entered.

Ad submission requirements

Send your artwork to with subject line: Cruise Advertising Sponsor.

The same artwork and information apply for both ads. For best print quality use original artwork at 300 pixels per inch resolution minimum. File format .gif, .jpg.

You can have up to four (4) lines of text information subject to editing due to space limitations. Examples: Select any four of the following information lines you wish to include with your logo:

* Company / Organization Name
* Website
* Email
* Telephone
* City and State
* Slogan
* Other Information

CWSC reserves the right to select or not select or edit submissions for ultimate publication. See “About Us” and our core values to understand our ethical guidelines and values for the type of organizations, products, services and events we accept to share with our audience. Ads that do not meet our standards or requirements CANNOT be considered.

Email your artwork to with subject line: Cruise Advertising Sponsor.

Complete the Ad Form below. We’ll send a secure, convenient, online payment link. Need assistance, call (910) 317-0297. Know others who may be interested? Share this corporate sponsorship opportunity..together we can remake the world.