Critical Issues w/Solutions/ Money Sense /A New Day For Al Islam In America


Critical Issues Affecting Our Lives w/Solutions; Money Sense; A New Day For Al Islam In America

The Critical Issues facing the African American Community have Solutions that involve the African American Community themselves.  Author & Educator, Dr. Jamaal Rashid presents situation after situation wherein statistics taken on environmvental influences affecting the well being of any people will create a desparate situation for all people living in the confines of self and others inflicting injury.  Imam Henry Haseeb provides the affect of ignorance of public policies governing the affected communities worsens the room for imporvement.

2n hour: Imam Adam Beyah brings out the best in all of us by presenting common and sensible ways of accruing monies as wealth and spending it .  He states ” we can not spend our way to wealth”.

3rd hour: Imam Yusuf Ramadan has a no nonsense way of presenting the current events in todays society and the attitude we should have as believing ones in The One G-D and the messenger of The One G-D.  Don’t be surprised as to what you will learn. 

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