Hajj in the 21st Century – Parenting and Family Reconstruction – Not Just Talk


1ST HOUR:  Imam Henry HWWB & Dr. Jamal Rasheed a live connection to finding solutions for the many problems that we’re facing

2nd hour:  Parenting & Family Reconstruction  w/ Host and Co Host Mark Shahid & Naimah Latif – how did we get to have what has been titled as “dysfunctional Families? 

3rd hourL: Michael Hameen & Mahasin Abdul Salaam invites us all into their world of thought and they direct the traffic of our lives to ” stop the talking ” “DO SOMETHING” COINED 

                 BY the late Dr.. Robert Schuler of California   welcome then everyone to “NOT JUZ TALK”                                                                                                                                                                                          

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