Criminal Justice and Prisoner Reform


1st hour: Criminal Justice Reform is the entire system of facilitating levels of educational, strategic development, providing correctional processes or avenues for the punishment ordered by the court systems for all offenders of societies civil codes of life.

Prisoners expecting and in need of reform is a heavy burden on all our social systems. Reform is for the mental and physical challenges we face, striving to prevent a default and winding up back in prison. Imam Hananiah Shabazz of The Zaid Ibn Harith Center and Dr. Ameena Ali present a livable process as a tag team. Very respectful of the human potential and the circumstances surrounding difficult decisions. Using al qur’an, the life practices or examples of Prophet Muhammad( prayers and peace be upon him), and their insight and understanding connected with the leadership of Imam Warith D. Mohammed (the mercy of G-D be upon him)

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