Connecting to a national volunteer human resource network

MCNRD Connecting Our Group Intellect

“And every one has a direction to which he should turn, therefore hasten to do good works; wherever you are, Allah will bring you all together; surely Allah has power over all things.” Q, 2:148

“The relationship of the believer with another believer is like (the bricks of) a building, each strengthens the other.” He illustrated this by interlacing the fingers of both his hands. Prophet Muhammed (S) [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

“Males and females should address us and address the general concern and then someone who is knowledgeable of the makeup of this conference, the persons, and skills…someone should know all of us and what we have to offer; if we don’t have this, then we can grow into this…we can grow into it.  You know maybe I’m speaking beyond what we have right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do this, we have to grow into it if we don’t have it.” ―Imam W. Deen Mohammed (RA)

ConnectingIntellectNATIONAL― As part of the Community Wide Shuraa Conference’s (CWSC) mission to help the Community unleash and harness the full capacity inherent in the group intellect, the national nonprofit announces the deployment of the Model Communities National Resource Directory or MCNRD.  For nearly a year, CWSC has been working on developing a way to allow every believer to easily connect to the group intellect nationally and to use their G-d given talents to help every institution in our community.

CWSC’s executive director, Mukhtar Muhammad, shared that “MCNRD will be the first national project of its kind designed to comprehensively catalog online the knowledge, skills, experience, training, degrees, and certifications held by believers committed to helping establish model communities and to connect those resources to institutions nationwide who want access to a diverse group intellect. Our institutions can now now access expertise that can help organizations with their internal administrative systems management and design, as well as help improve the design of local community outreach programs, such that their service delivery is operating at the highest level of organizational excellence.  We now have in place the infrastructure and leadership including our director of human resources Brother Dharr Dihaan who is well qualified to administer this program.”

MCNRDDharr Dihaan, a New York entrepreneur, experienced human resources administrator and himself a past nonprofit executive director, is CWSC’s director for human resources* and program manager for MCNRD.  Brother Dharr says “MCNRD can be a game changer for our entire community. Make no mistake, this is a large scale project that requires coordination and communication at all levels as we issue a call for every believer in our Association from seniors in high school to retirees to register in the Model Communities National Resource Directory along with a simultaneous call for institutions to register and access the vast expertise available throughout the country.  This is a momentous day, and if our Imam was present with us physically, I believe he would say…‘they got it—my community has gotten it!’ MCNRD is really the fulfillment of our dream or I should say our aspiration as a community. And CWSC is going to need help administering this program.  We need our national sister organizations and all institutions to help us in this effort.” Click here for full the press release to learn how your school, masjid or other non-profit can receive free assistance. MCNRD is also available to for-profit organizations.