CWSC Communications Center Application

CWSC is proud to support communities throughout the nation via the American Muslim 360 Broadcasting Network (AM360). As the #1 Islamic radio station in the nation and a major media influencer, we seek broadcasting professionals who want to make a differencewho want to help our national intelligentsia remake the world.

To perform its mission as a national non-profit, non-commercial broadcast center, we need associate producers, engineers, administrative and executive assistants, hosts or on-air personalities, sales and marketing associates, grant writers and philanthropic professionals, reporters, public relations specialists, webmasters, social media experts, and more.
IntelligentsiaCircle2We receive many requests to become a CWSC volunteer at AM360, particularly as a program or show host, yet we maintain a responsibility to our listenership, underwriters, sponsors, and donors to find the best talent and programming possible. While we can’t guarantee your selection as a host or other AM360 role, we promise to review your application thoroughly, and if we can’t provide the position applied for, there may be other opportunities where you can make a big difference for our community in our broadcasting center or another related communications or other intelligentsia operation.

We offer rewarding opportunities to learn new skills, network with other professionals, and be part of a nationally integrated intelligentsia operation, from a national think tank, to human resources and consulting network, to our speakers bureau and more.

A note on our programming: There are many variables that go into assessing the suitability of a host and/or program for AM360 including how well both complement the CWSC & AM360 vision. We look for variety in categories of programming, intended audience and diversity in hosts while operating within the limits of our programming hours and operating budget.

During a broadcast season, if an applicant cannot be accommodated with the AM360 venue, we may provide an alternate venue via the CWSC National Teleconference Learning Labs that offer expanded discussion opportunities not available on AM360. Learning Labs can be interviews, panel discussions, seminars and other forums in dialogue with the national group intellect.  We also have another mass communication opportunity to remake the world in the CWSC Speakers Bureau aimed at the broader American “Four Bird” institutions of society.

Before continuing to the form below, be sure to read the mission and vision of AM360 and CWSC and Approaching The Ideal: The AM360 Host–A Broadcast Professional

The form below is designed to help us evaluate a present or perhaps future opportunity in our broadcasting center. Give as much information as possible to allow us a competent evaluation. We also ask that all applicants submit a resume. Media production and host applicants are asked to provide a sample of their broadcast work whether audio or visual. After review of your application and submissions, we should have a response for you within two to three weeks.

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Thank you for applying.