C.A.I.R. The Civil Rights Hour with Attorney Edward Ahmed Mitchell


C.A.I.R. ON AIR (Council On ‘”American Islamic” Relations.  Attorney Edward Ahmed Mitchell oresents the Civil Rights Hour~  Wherever there is a demand for justice and a complete followup and investigation to be reported call C.A.I.R.  You are listening live now to C.A.I.R on Air Civil Rights Hour, dial in st speak with Attorney Edward Ahmed Mitchell by dialing 515 605 9891 or  424 292 4253.  State your question or comments, we welcome you.  You can listen to the “24 Hour streaming as well by going to cwsc.us and press on the podcasts or check the AM360 radio schedule for the various Hosts and their presentations.

Check back in with us today at 6pM EST for CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM w/Imam Hananiah Shabazz;  @7pm EST Imam Bilal Saleem presents PRISONER REFORM; ;  The illustrious Dr. Ameena Ali presents “BIRTH OF WOMEN”  Last but certainly not least Imam Hananiah Shabazz and Dr. Ameenah Ali presentsw “BREAKING THE HABIT”.   We’re aiming at “remaking the world.


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