Blessed Day of Thankfulness

With Allah’s Name, the Merciful Benefactor, the Merciful Redeemer

“Is, then, He Who creates comparable to any that cannot create? Will you not, then, take heed? For should you try to count Allah’s blessings, you could never compute them”
Al-Qur’an, An-Nahl 16:17-19

NATIONAL ― On this day of giving thanks, in which we are in peace and security, in the company of family and friends, and plenty, let us remember those in our families, or in Thankfullnessour near or distant neighborhoods, who have less than we, or whose peace is disturbed by fear or hunger or loss of hope.

Let us remember those in our extended family in war torn places yearning for just a clean cup of water, a morsel of bread, a friendly smile or reprieve from the elements, and the loud sound of conflict.

We have been given more than we need for a reason. May Allah (SWT) grant you a Blessed Thanksgiving and if you’re traveling, we wish you a safe journey and return home.

Blssd Jumuah. As-Salaam-Alaikum.