Bilal In America Project-Women as Entrepreneurs in Business/Birth of Women/Positive Choices Now


Bringing an awareness to the economic scenery in what has been identified as a return to depression, failing to see a half empty cup or space stirs a G-D created worthiness; See Women and the pregnancy of Thought!!

1st hour: Mr. Zayd Khan of Bilal In America Project has mounted the hilltop to spread the word that Women are finding a rich corner created only by T/he LORD of ALL SYSTEMS OF KNOWLEDGE

2nd hour:  Is there a Doctor in the house?  Yes, Dr. Ameena Ali tending to one call after another but she finds time to engage an audience on American Muslim 360.

3rd hour:  Poetry may disguise the pain of domestic violence, hiding the love that may lift and heal the wounds.  Lateefah Hameen shares it best.                                                                

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