Becoming the Extraordinary…Special CWSC AM360 Presentation



NATIONAL – [Update: Click on the listen button above to hear this presentation.] You’re invited to join us live on air at Wednesday, June 6, starting 7 a.m. EST for a very special presentation: Becoming the Extraordinary – The History, Rise, Work and Vision of CWSC and AM360, presented in support of our Annual Ramadan Telethon – Commencing Monday, June 11!

We’ll have some special guests as we share our beginnings and the extraordinary growth of our national intelligentsia, as well as share the future vision for elevating our voices, group intellect and work.

This special presentation is in support of our Annual Ramadan Telethon that begins on Monday June 11, 2018. We invite you to make your Pre-Telethon Gifts starting today to help us raise $10,000 and help us stay connected, our intellects respected and our voices protected as we financially secure our national intelligentsia. And while contributions are tax deductible, it is the multiplied blessings of this Special Month that give the greatest rewards for your generosity. When you support the CWSC AM360 Ramadan Telethon, your gift helps us provide services not only to you and your community, but to our global community.

We look forward to “seeing” you on Wednesday, June 6 @ 7am EST on or by phone at 701.719.4197 first for Daily Qur’an Reading followed immediately with the Special Presentation: Becoming the Extraordinary. Then get ready on June 11 for the CWSC AM360 Ramadan Telethon…together we can remake the world!

P.S. Share this and encourage others to pledge and keep our national intelligentsia strong and ready to remake the world. Thank you. Blessed Ramadan & Jumah! As-Salaam-Alaikum.

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