Committees work with CWSC governance, operations and administration personnel and are essential to helping CWSC effectively manage and continually improve its operations. Whether it’s developing and executing comprehensive funding programs or conducting internal audits and training, both standing and ad hoc committees are volunteers performing vital roles in helping CWSC not only sustain its operations, but perform at the highest level of excellence and accountability.

Committee Description

• Serves as CWSC’s internal auditor reviewing the accuracy of financial records and reporting, safekeeping of funds including security for online accounts and handling of petty cash funds, and presence of appropriate financial controls, checks and balances. Reviews the annual report before its publication.

• Works closely with the Finance Committee to give and receive any exception reports and to recommend to governance improvements in financial operations.

• Works with governance to interview outside auditors, review audit bids, recommend auditor selection, receive auditor’s report, participate in post-audit meetings, and respond to the outside auditor’s recommendations.

• Provides an added level of internal scrutiny to ensure CWSC as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) does not engage in prohibited activities. Conducts training for teams, committees, governance and all volunteers on prohibited activities.

Publishes guidelines, checkoff list and prescribes periodicity for CWSC audits in close coordination with the Finance Committee.


HENRY HASEEB (Alabama),, Director (Interim)

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