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Focus Teams are the foundation for the work of the National Intelligentsia, Think Tank & Clearing House, and the Model Communities National Resource Directory (MCNRD). Focus Teams are self-directed groups formed by volunteers from around the country and across a breadth of disciplines, training and experience.

Teams may be engaged in any number of collaborative tasks, from brainstorming solutions to complex social issues and researching pathways to new opportunities, to group projects publishing studies, white papers and best practices for our institutions and the broader society.

Team Mission: [pending]

Team Vision: [pending]

Click here to join a Focus Team or to volunteer as a consultant to institutions registered  in the National Resource Directory.

Note: Use of information for commercial or other solicitation is prohibited without express written authorization from CWSC. Opportunities for economic development and business pursuits are offered by CWSC through our sponsorship programs and online ad pages. Proposals for economic development programs may be vetted with the CWSC Think Tank Intake & Review Committee.


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