AM360 Listener Feedback Form!

Dear AM360 Listener: As-Salaam-Alaikum (Peace be with you)!


AM360 Listeners are among the most valued members of our group intellect. When you listen and provide feedback, you not only inspire us by letting us know you’re listening, but you help us improve our services to you and fellow listeners.

Whether you’re writing to give “kudos” and say “well done” or you believe we could have done a better job on a broadcast, we need to hear from you because it’s one of the best ways we learn what you want more of and how to make your overall listening experience better.

Use the form below to express your straight forward opinion and know that what you say will be received by the AM360 Ombudsman who will communicate with you and make sure your opinion reaches the rest of the AM360 leadership and management Team.

Think of the AM360 Ombudsman as your representative to the AM360 leadership and management team. He or she will be a voice to express your concern and help resolve any issues as expeditiously as possible. Please note your feedback is confidential to the extent that the Ombudsman may need to confer with AM360 Management or other AM360 or CWSC personnel. You can reach the Ombudsman via this direct contact form.

If you have an idea for a new AM360 program, then please use this form instead. 

If you have an idea for another CWSC intelligentsia department, then click here.

If you have questions on completing this Form, contact us at

Are you registered in the Model Communities National Resource Directory? The goal is to have you and fellow listeners registered in the MCNRD, so that all of us have a better opportunity to move beyond dialogue, the first stage of problem solving, to action via remote or onsite networking opportunities.

Thank you for contributing to the mission and vision. Email comments on how to improve this Form or feedback process to


If you asked us to followup with you, please allow five (5) work days for the AM360 Ombudsman to contact you. If you have not received a reply within five workdays, please email

Thank you for being a valued AM360 listener and/or CWSC contributor…together we can remake the world!