A Call for Skill-Based Excellence

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July 31, 2014
Contact: Rashad Shahid, Media Relations
(910) 317-0297

Dr. Maryum Suluki to lead CWSC National Resource Directory Project

A Call for Skill-Based Excellence–MCNRD…a vital technology in fulfilling the vision of a national intelligentsia


“O ye who believe! Persevere in patience and constancy; vie in such perseverance; strengthen each other;
and fear Allah; that ye may prosper.” Al-Qur’an 3:200

The Messenger of Allah (s) said, “The relationship of the believer with another believer is like (the bricks of) a building, each strengthens the other.” He illustrated this by interlacing the fingers of both his hands.
From the Life Example of the Prophet (s)
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim

Males and females should address us and address the general concern and then someone who is knowledgeable of the makeup of this conference, the persons, and skills…someone should know all of us and what we have to offer; if we don’t have this, then we can grow into this…we can grow into it. You know maybe I’m speaking beyond what we have right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do this, we have to grow into it if we don’t have it.”
―Imam W. Deen Mohammed (ra)

NATIONAL― As part of the Community Wide Shuraa Conference’s (CWSC) National Town Hall for Mutual Consultation scheduled for August 15-17 in St. Louis, Missouri, CWSC has launched the Model Communities National Resource Directory (MCNRD) project to catalog the tremendous talent present nationally throughout our community.

MCNRD is unprecedented in scope and is the first national project to comprehensively catalog the knowledge, skills, abilities, experience, training, degrees, and certifications held by believers. The first stage of this project is individual and institutional registration now in progress right here at CWSC – Muslim Town Hall Central.  MCNRD is just the beginning of a planned online system to help us reach our highest potential as a national intelligentsia.

The next stage is to setup a human resource exchange system whereby any supporter of our model communities vision can be a resource to our national association. MCNRD will enable an institution to tap into the group intellect and request help in any area of community development or expertise via onsite and/or remote assistance.

We’re pleased to announce Dr. Maryam Suluki of California will head MCNRD and lead a team of project managers in designing and implementing the network. Dr. Suluki is a well known business leader and medical professional formerly of the South Jersey area. For years, she has had to be on the front lines of employing best practices and the latest technology in information management and security for electronic and other data.

In addition to her executive leadership and technical expertise, Dr. Suluki is committed to the model community vision. She has served at the national level of leadership for our community and served her local community as a counselor and mentor in the public school system.

In a recent interview with Dr. Suluki, she states: “Our Prophet (s) said, “Think for surely thinking profits the thinker. There is no wealth like intellect and no poverty like ignorance. Allah (SWT) has not distributed among human beings anything better than the intellect.” Imagine the power in the group intellect! MCNRD will be a game changer in helping institutions accomplish more, including improving their outreach to the historically disadvantaged communities they serve.”

CWSC envisions you having a capability to log on and request help directly from a registered believer with the expertise you require. We’re not waiting for the online infrastructure to be completed before starting the tasks of building the intelligentsia, for we need certain skill sets now to help design the online system. We’re seeking to meet with web developers and managers and IT infrastructure design experts, masjid and school administrators, business leaders and other interested persons during the Town Hall.

We’re honored to have Dr. Suluki aboard. She’s an example of the excellent talent in our community coming together in a national intelligentsia. We ask for your du’as for her and her team in helping our entire community.

Steps you can take now: click on the “Get involved” tab to register your expertise. And if you’re in doubt as to if you should register, here’s the criteria: if you love using your G-d given talent to help build model communities, then you should register. All of us can make a contribution. The more believers that register, the more work can be accomplished. Organizations can also begin registering to receive assistance.

The CWSC planning team is contacting leaders of all our national organizations and providing them with notice of MCNRD and asking for their active help in announcing this initiative. But we still need you to share this information with as many believers as possible through your online and local community networks.

We’d like to see as many believers present in St. Louis as possible, so we can have the benefit of your intellect and voice in building our intelligentsia including designing the MCNRD…together we can remake the world. See you soon Insha Allah in St. Louis!

Blessed Eid & Salatul Jumuah.

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