The Best of The Best – Healing and Harmony for Humankind


The Best of The Best: 7:00-8:30am (est), (4/2017 AD). Up Next Live Healing & Harmony For Humankind 8:30-10:00am (est) on Host Dr. Baiza R. Muhammad remains on the path of appreciating human worth. The great value placed on humanity by the Creator of all creation is summed up in the “Purpose” of originating into being the individual, family and community life. Choice is the major feature of human elevation or mental, physical and spiritual decline. On the flip side of understanding divine human value is the glorified fabrication of a high rewarding price tag dangling falsehood before the human community. Each choice is influenced by the limited-will of other humans who perceive their greatness in a strongly portrayed fantasy of falsehood and devaluation of truth. Don’t miss this honest and intimate episode. JOIN LIVE TALK @ 515-605-9891. INVITE OTHERS. Listen to previous informative episodes.


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